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Vision for Funding & Grants
Need a cash injection in your business?

Crest utilises a Fin-tec partner platform where one simple application sources 100’s of options to look for the most relevant matches to fund your business. 

Asset Finance

Purchasing new machinery or replacing existing equipment?

Leasing or renting assets such as machinery or office equipment can save you the initial costs of buying them outright. In addition, asset finance may have other benefits for your business (cash flow, tax, etc.) equipment? We can help you find the Asset Finance option that is right for you.

Invoice Finance

With the right facility, invoice finance can be a cost-effective way of boosting growth and smoothing out seasonal trading, ensuring you can sell with confidence without worrying about the impact of large new contracts on your cashflow.

Invoice finance can be either a short or long-term funding option to release cash from your outstanding invoices.

Business Loan

A business loan is a very flexible way to fund a range of projects. 

equipment? We can help you find A business loan is credit, usually in the form of cash, that you borrow and repay over an agreed length of time. Banks and alternative funding sources, such as community development finance institutions, crowdfunding platforms Finance option that is right for you.

Property Finance

Looking to purchase a property or raise finance against an existing property? We can help you find the right development finance or commercial mortgage deal.

Property finance covers a number of investment options and is geared towards supporting experienced property professionals in the areas of:

  • Commercial property finance
  • Student accommodation finance
  • Mixed-use property finance

Trade Finance

Trade finance is an important external source of working capital financing. It is a form of short-term credit typically used by companies that export or import goods.

We can help you find the Asset Finance option that is right for you, it is relatively easy to secure short term finance, if you have a strong trading record, secured against goods or backed by an insurance policy.

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